My 1964 Manta Montage (Mclaren M6GT-R)



And the Fun begins!

To chop the rear frame off the M6GT-R and mount the entire front clip FWD drivetrain from the Audi/VW to the Manta and welding a new subframe w/ supports under the rest of the car to keep the rear in place and maintain structural integrity with the extra power.

I am using the drivetrain taken out of a 2007 FWD (front wheel drive) Audi A6 for the drivetrain (2.0 Turbo FSI).

This 200+ hp motor in the 1900lb Manta should make for a very good power-to-weight ratio.

I'm working with a Racecar fabricator
(Werner Fabrication).

The pics below are of the sub-frame fabrication
and Audi motor being pulled.


And it begins...

Car got picked up on a flat bed and taken
to the Fabricator's shop in Mooresville.
(Werner Fabrication)

From there on the rusty old floorpan was removed
and fuel tank, rear lattice, interior carpets and other obstructions removed and cleaned, so the
sub frame and new floor pan could be fabricated.

Fabrication update...

At this point the subframe and the pans have all been
fabricated. The foot panels are designed to bolt on and
can be removed so the wiring can be done under
the dash when the car is on a lift.

See the pictures Above/Below.

The Next step is removing the old Transaxle.
Once this is done, the fabricator
will have space to mount the engine from the
07 Audi/VW and build a rear frame to hold the
engine mounts for the new drivetrain.

Simultaneously, I am working to remove
the entire front clip from the
Audi/VW with the Transaxle, half shafts,
brakes, wheel hubs, wheels and any other parts
needed to make the swap successful.

See the pictures below.


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