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My 1970 Corvette Stingray Coupe
Bought from a junk yard and restored over 18 months


The Day I got the Car
19 December 2008. The day I bought the car from a guy in Auburn, CA North east of Sacramento, basically a redneck junk yard house, Washing machines on the weed ridden lawns, cars up on blocks and all that... I followed the vette home on the flatbed all the way from Sacramento to Tracy in the rain. I was happy when it was finally sitting in my garage. One good thing was, the frame was good, the body was straight and there was no rust.
The previous owner had really messed the car up. I literally got a LEGO set to put together. The interior was completely rain damaged. The transmission didnt shift properly, the engine sounded like a clunky tractor. It ran, but very very poorly. It had to be started by touching the starter with a live wire !!



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