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My 1970 Corvette Stingray Coupe
Bought from a junk yard and restored over 18 months



A proper assessment of the crippled beast.

After giving it a once over thoroughly in my garage, the following has to be done to restore this stingray.

  1. The chrome was flaky, some parts need chroming.
  2. The Paint is very bad, needs complete repaint.
  3. The Body has stress cracks and some of the Fiberglass is badly worn. Will need fiberglass repair before paint.
  4. The windows do not work. Need regulators.
  5. Needs suspension work, front and rear.
  6. Tires are ok. Brakes may need work. 1 caliper bad.
  7. Electricals DO NOT work. Needs complete dash harness rewiring and other electrical part
  8. Engine does not start well.. Starter bad. Needs new.
  9. Engine seals leak. Valve cover seals gone. Needs new gaskets for entire engine. Timing is off...
  10. Transmission is shot, needs a rebuild. Can't risk driving it without fear of the transmission taking a complete dump. Transmission Mount is Broken...
  11. Carburettor needs a rebuild, parts are missing. Needs new air filter. Might be able to reuse the K&N it currently has, after cleaning it with a K&N kit.
  12. Interior needs COMPLETE new carpet, and many other parts. Driver door latch gone, needs new. Seats soaked.. Needs new upholstery.
  13. Steering pump leaking, needs new.
  14. Steering column broken, needs to be rebuilt. Has wrong steering wheel (C4) . Need to buy (C3) one.
  15. Hand brake does not work. Shift console missing.
  16. Battery has little life left, needs new. Goes Dead.
  17. Vacuum system for popup headlamps dows not work properly, needs to be repaired. very sluggish.
  18. Lower Radiator hose leak. Upper Hose Spliced.
  19. Rear driver side Tire valve bad, keeps losing air.
  20. Spare tire Tub Broken, will need fiberglass repair.
  21. Gas lid lost spring.


I'm sure stuff will keep turning up as I get into the car more. But at first glance, this is what I see as major issues.


LOTS of work ahead ! Most would run...
but I am a sucker for a damsel in distress.. and this babe needs some MAJOR TLC !!





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