My 2001 Jaguar XK8, 4.0 Litre Coupe

They built a total of 19k XK8s for the US market and of those just 15% were Coupes.
They're getting harder to find in good condition. Future classic.

Did a lot to it. In terms of maintenance.

Replaced the timing chains and guides.
New Valve / Timing cover Gaskets.
New spark Plugs
New Water Pump
New Radiator
New Upper and Lower Hoses
New Thermostat
New crossover Pipes and Plastic trim
New Expansion tank
New Drive belt
New Intake tube
A/C Freon recharged
Transmission fluid changed
New venting Fuel cap
New Tires, front brakes
Open pipes, window tint.

Pictures (45+ Photos)

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