My 1977 Corvette coupe (Restored)
Bought it nearly done and cleaned it up nice!

Here's a list of what I've done to the car.

- Newer v8 350 5.7L , LT1 Engine. (transplanted from a donor vette)
- New Radiator.
- Reworked wiring.
- Chrome Master cylinder caps.
- Painted alternator.
- New Chrome Air filter Assembly Cap.
- New 350 standard valve covers and Gaskets.
- New Belts.
- Mahogany Steering wheel.
- New leather seats.
- Primed & Repainted all interior Vinyl.
- 3 wing fixed Spinner chrome wheel caps.
- Flowmaster 40 mufflers.
- Chrome tail pipe extensions.
- Brand New carpets - Black.
- New Headlamp assembly and bezels.
- Blacked-out Mag-Lite wheels with chrome rim from a C2.
- Tinted rear window.
- Holley Carburettor.
- Edelbrock Intake manifold.
- New Composite/Fiberglass Rear transverse spring.
- New suspension bolt kit.
- Painted alternator and Brake booster.
- New Tach (rebuilt).
- Untold number of seals, stoppers, gaskets, liners and weatherstripping. (lol)
- Chromed outer lining for T-tops.
- Changed bolts on U-joints.
- New Battery.
- Painted Calipers Red. Also Replaced rear right caliper, due to leak.
- New upper Radiator hose.

Theres more but I am too tired to list everything.
Damn, that's a lot (Not to mention the constant polishing and waxing on its black paint.

It is all in terms of how much you want to invest in restoring the classic to its original beauty. I've invested about $5000 in the interior and other things. But this classic stingray is (was) the love of my life at the time... My very first Corvette. Like a mistress you cannot say no to.. And a blast to drive!!

The amount you put into it is irrelevant compared to the stares and
the joy of driving a beast like this! And that's the truth!
I sold my beloved 77 Corvette in March 2008. Needed the money for Home improvements...
I really loved that car.. Here are a few pics, plus Before and After shots of the work I had done on it.

All washed and waxed , taken behind my office

Taken by a friend with his new Nikon D70S

Thumbs up !

Me and Mah baby !!!

Sitting pretty in the Garage !!! I took this picture a week before I sold it...

Outside shots

Another outside shot

Sexy beast... (new owner sent me this picture)

Picture of the Car in 2006, I had entered it in a Classic Car show in Santa Clara.
Here it is sitting all waxed and deep shine next to a C2 Stingray Convertible

More pictures

My vette at a local corvette get-together.

Mine was the only C3 there

That's me. I had waxed the vette for 2 hours
that day before the get-together

All lined up.

The C3 Vette design was inspired from the Stuffed Mako Shark
GM's Design chief Bill Mitchell mounted on his office wall.
Hence the name Shark. That's what they say anyways.

My Corvette and Me! -Looks great from 10 feet away. Looks especially good in the early evenings when there is no direct sunlight.

Front Perspective in Sunny California
(Customary Palm trees included)

Parked at Fedex Kinkos

Nose shot

Rear shot

Parked next to Safwan's Beemer

View from the office

A couple of my Colleagues looking at the car.

Rear end (have ordered personalized plates
recently "YURI 77", They should be here soon.

Engine BEFORE cleanup. Dirt, grease, rust.  :-p

Engine AFTER cleanup.
Still need to rewire and paint alternator etc. Painted the Master cylinder black and put chrome cap and bails. Chrome Air filter cap.

3 Swept Wing Spinners on all wheels
Wheels are blacked out centers on matt chrome rims.

Spinners closeup.
Note the Red Callipers

Without Rear window Tint, Spinners and Chrome exhaust tips

AFTER (plus a wax job)
Installed Rear window tint (80% Black),
Wheel Spinners & Chrome Exhaust

View from the pilot seat.
I love the flares above the front wheels on either side of the hood.

Flow Master Exhausts. Stock chrome pipes.
It has a typical corvette throaty purr.

BEFORE: Door panel, old, rattling and worn

AFTER: Brand New solid black door panels

BEFORE: Interior and dash really worn out and brittle.

AFTER: New / Replaced / Dyed Dash. Black is Beautiful !

BEFORE: Dash used to be white

AFTER: Dash color change - Black

Interior BEFORE: Notice the original white leather steering wheel.
Have put seat covers till I restore the original 77 vette seats

Interior AFTER: Original '77 Corvette Leather seats.
Also Replaced / Dyed ALL interior panels to Black

: Am planning on changing the interior dash to Black.
Added New Mahogany Steering wheel with chromed 3 spoke.

: Black is Beautiful !

Evening shot. New headlight hardware. (Without Bezels)
The popup mechanism worked perfectly.

This is AFTER I put in the Headlight bezels.

BEFORE: Replaced the Leaf spring with a Composite rear transverse bar. Exhaust Pipes are old and rusty and damaged in some areas.

AFTER: New Hi-Flow Performance Catalytic Converter, New Y-Pipes,
New Flowmaster 40's, Chrome tips and Personalized Plates.

Perspective: Front Left

Parked next to Sam's Lexus.
Surprisingly it was as long as the Lexus from Nose to tail

Parked at home plus car cover (At the time,
I lived in an apartment and had to park it in
the carport under a car cover)

Corvette and my "Other car"

Front Perspective view
This is a scanned photo.

Another great thing about the '77 design was that it was the last year of the flat rear window. The chrome luggage rack holds the T-Tops or a small bag.

Other classic car owners wave or give me a thumbs up on our saturday or midnight drives. I get a lot of stares (the car does atleast). Great fun to drive.

Front view
This is a scanned photo.
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